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People Risk Podcast

Apr 28, 2022

According to the Mercer Marsh Benefits survey, medical inflation is expected to run at 9.5%, exponentially higher than general inflation. This is driven by changes in how people are using their medical programmes, both how frequently and for which reasons, the increased cost of healthcare and changing approach to mental wellbeing.

In the premiere episode of the second season of the MMB People Risk podcast the topics discussed range from the importance of practical and impactful healthcare coverage for employees, how a company can create a programme that is authentic to who they are as an organisation, are they able to implement it consistently across the globe and does the programme resonate with employees?

This episode is hosted by Helena Zikova, Mercer Marsh Benefits Sales Leader, and features special guest Celine Ng Tong, who is a Principal at Mercer Marsh Benefits. Her current role is focused on Global health and wellbeing having previously held leadership roles in the company in New York, London and Hong Kong.