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People Risk Podcast

Jul 7, 2022

According to data from Mercer Marsh Benefits, at least 87% of employers had to adapt to some form of working from home during the pandemic. How did that impact productivity, the experience of new hires, mental health among the workforce, and how people risk was seen inside organisations?

In the second episode of the season two of the MMB People Risk podcast the topics covered span the changes in how people risk is seen and managed within organisations, how work from home has changed people risk and how the S in ESG, social, is becoming an increasingly key priority for business.

This episode is hosted by Helena Zikova, Mercer Marsh Benefits Sales Leader, and features special guests Matt Duffy and Martin Drux.

Matt Duffy is a Partner and MMB Multinational Commercial Leader, while Martin Drux is the Leader of Multinational and Asia Client Service for Continental Europe.